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Ed & Jean McKie previously from South London England and for the last 20 odd years in Queensland, Australia

have now moved on to Cheshire after a brief sojourn in Malta.

We are still researching the names contained in our family name list below but not as intensively as before.

However we would still be pleased to hear from anyone who is carrying out similar research.  

Family Name list 

    A list of some of the names we are researching 
and the occupations and places of interest to us .

Frederick Feston

The Story of the short life of a Bermondsey Carman who died at Passchendael.

Now available on Amazon as

The Short War of Private Feston .

The Baldys of Falmer

Being the story of a Family in the same Sussex Village for over two hundred Years.



Our Ancestors

    Showing the Ancestors of our children, as far back as we have been able to trace them.

The Cooper Ancestors

or look at the tree on

The McKie Ancestors

or look at our family tree at



Flack and Barkers   from Essex

No link to this section at this time- a work in progress


Thomas Hall

Birdstuffer of City road

The story of a family of Animal preservers and Museum Owners in City Road Finsbury in the Eighteenth Century

Get the Book

"Thomas Hall of City Road"

on Amazon


Three Generations of Worsfolds

    The text of a short book about our Worsfold forbears as we knew them at the time-

this is to be updated shortly


Worsfold Home Page

A page for those researching the name Worsfold anywhere in the world.

From a Valley to the Green

    The story of the journey of Erasmus Cooper from the small village of Duffield in Derbyshire to Bethnal Green . Printed version now available on Amazon


The Search for Peter McKie

revised 2007

Including the Malta Connection

    Being our search for the 
Scottish roots of grandfather Peter McKie 


Balthasar Dietz from Nordeck

From a small village in Hessen in Germany to being a beer house keeper in Whitechapel to a mysterious death in Cologne


Available as a paperback on Amazon

Alphons Eder- Street Musician

    Another story of a journey- this time 
from Slovenia to the East End of London with a side trip to British Columbia on a Royal Navy Sailing vessel.

Now available in Paperback

as Three Lives - The story of Alphons Eder

on Amazon. Co. UK


Ed's Blogs.


If anyone has any particular knowledge of the places mentioned, in our family name list we would also like to hear from them.

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