Cooper Ancestors


William Erasmus Cooper, born 11 Aug 1914 in 13 E block Broad Street Station Dwellings Whitecross Place, Shoreditch, died 1 Jul 1985 in St.Christophers Hospice, Sydenham, occupation Plumber, served in Royal Engineers in North Africa and Italy during World War Two

He married Rose Amelia Feston, 1 Jan 1938 in St. Johns Church, Southend Village, London.

Rose Amelia Feston, born 7 Jul 1917 in 41 Marlborough Rd Camberwell, died 17 Dec 1981 in Farnborough Hospital.

Grand Parents

Thomas Alfred Cooper, born 18 September 1871 in 15 Durant St Bethnal Green, died 31 Dec 1924 in Lambeth Hospital, cause of death Abcess of lung & pneumonia, occupation Porter later Carman.

He married Esther Emily Flack, 14 December 1902 in St. Peters Church, Vauxhall.

Esther Emily Flack, born 23 Jan 1876 in 14 Gloucester Street, Lambeth, died 29 Mar 1959 in Lewisham Hospital London, cause of death Pulmonary embolism due to thrombosis of right femoral vein in consequence of fracture of kneck of right femur: 2) oartic.

Frederick Feston, born 13 February 1891 in 51, Willow Walk, Bermondsey, died 26 October 1917 in 3rd Battle Of Ypres.Flanders, has no Known Grave, (Frederick is commemorated on a memorial at Tyne Cot Cemetary, in Belgium) occupation Carman.

He married Ada Rosetta Hall, 24 March 1913 in Christ Church Camberwell.

Ada Rosetta Hall, born 17 December 1892 in 34 Nelson St Bermondsey, died 17 December 1972 in Hither Green Hospital, cause of death Bronchopneumonia.


After the death of Frederick Feston, Ada married Herbert Leopold Sadler, 27 November 1920 in St. Andrews, Peckham, Herbert was born 14 September 1880 in 66 Theeton Rd Bermondsey.

Great Grand Parents

Erasmus Cooper, born 14 May 1848 in 4 Thomas' Place Southwark, died 13 August 1892 in 11 Diss St Bethnal Green Middx, cause of death Ptithis (6 months), occupation Printer.

He married Catherine Davis, 26 January 1868 in St. Thomas Charterhouse, Middx.

Catherine Davis, born 10 December 1846 in 16, Plumtree Crt. St. Andrews, Holborn, christened 18 July1847 in St. Andrews, Holborn, died 5 November 1892 in 11 Diss St Bethnal Green Middx, cause of death Pulmonary Ph..Exhaustion, occupation Milliner.

William ( Robert ) Flack, born 3 January 1847 in 6 Granbys Bldgs, Broad St. Lambeth, occupation Carman.

He married Louisa Watmore, married 26 June 1870 in South Hackney, Middx.

Louisa Watmore, born 2 April 1847 in 18, Spring Gardens, Reading, Berkshire, christened 9 May 1847 in St Giles Reading Berks, died 24 September 1921 in 17 Tinworth St. Vauxhall, cause of death Pneumonia.

William Henry Feston, born 18 June1861 in 19 Mellick Place, Bermondsey, died 26 March 1927 in 48 Constance Rd, Dulwich, cause of death Gangrene of legs, haemorhage, occupation Leather Striker/Dresser.

He married Loretta Pulling, married 15 Aug 1882 in St John Horseleydown Bermondsey.

Loretta Pulling, born 3 September 1859 in Scutt Mill Rd. Tupsley, Herefordshire, christened 10 February 1862 in Hampton Bishop Herefordshire, died 14 Oct 1937 in 48 Green Hundred Rd Peckham, cause of death Pulmonary congestion,cerbral haemorhage,Hemplezia.

This spelling of Loretta appears on Birth Certificate

On Marriage Certificate the spelling is Lauretta

Alfred Hall, born 3 March 1867 in 42 Manor Street Bermondsey, died 13 December 1954 in 1 Edison Ave Hornchurch Essex, cause of death Degeneration/valvular disease of the heart/Chronic Bronchitis, occupation Leather Dresser.

He married Ada Ruffett, 22 May 1892 in St. John, Walworth.

Ada Ruffett, born 22 February 1869 in 3 Amelia Place Regent St Westminster, died 14 Apr 1940 in 128 Furley Rd Camberwell.

Birth Cert shows father as John Ruffett.  Marriage cert for Ada to Alfred Hall showed father as John Thomas Ruffeitt.  Cause of death: carcinoma of rectum

Great Great Grand Parents

Erasmus Cooper, born 1818 in Duffield Derbyshire, Christened 27 January 1818 in Quarndon, Derbyshire,  died 2 Sep 1902 in Bethnal Green Workhouse Infirmary , cause of death Chronic cystitus; consecutive nephritus, occupation Printer.

He married Mary Ann Griffin, although we have been unable to identify a ceremony.

After the death of Mary,  Erasmus married Caroline Hawkings (Nee Keeley), married 7 September 1881 in Register Office Bethnal Green.

His story is told in our book From a Valley to the Green, available on Amazon

Mary Ann Griffin, born 1816-1818 in Northampton, died 19 December 1879 in 9 Durant St Bethnal Green, cause of death Bronchitis, occupation Nurse.

Surname shown as "Griffins" on Birth Cert of daughter.

Name given as Mary Ann on Death Cert- all previous entries name given as Mary only.

Thomas Davis, born 1816 in Greenwich, Kent, occupation Painter.

He married Mary Clay, 17 May 1836 in St. Sepulcure London Middlesex.

Mary Clay, born 1821.

William Flack, born 2 July 1825 in Lambeth Surrey (Now London), died 19 April 1878 in 82 Wickham Street Lambeth, cause of death Phthisis Pulmonalis - 8 months, occupation Carman.

He married Esther Barker, 5 January 1846 in Parish Church, Kennington, Surrey.

Esther Barker, born 1823 in Henham, Essex, christened 25 December 1823 in Henham, Essex, died 2 September1897 in 118 Tyers Street Vauxhall, cause of death Diarrhoea 1 month Paralysis 1 Day.

Daniel Watmore, born 1806 in Reading Berkshire, christened 30 Nov 1806 in Reading Berkshire, died 19 September 1848 in 25 Whitley St Reading, cause of death Cancer of the lips, occupation Brickmaker.

Have not proved the parentage

He married Mary Willis, 27 January 1834 in All Saints, High Wycombe, Bucks.

Mary Willis, born 1810, christened 25 February 1810 in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire, died 2 November 1851 in Town Fields, Wycombe, Bucks, cause of death Diseased Heart "about 2 years", buried 6 November 1851 in All Saints, High Wycombe, Bucks.

On 1851 Census at High Wycome Bucks living with parents and three children

William Henry Feston, born 1834, christened 12 January 1834 in St John Horseleydown Bermondsey, died 12 November 1865 in 16 Mellick Place Bermondsey, cause of death Peritonitis, occupation Coopers Labourer.

He married Jane Flint, 25 December 1859 in St. Pauls Bermondsey.

Jane Flint, born 14 March 1841 in 17 Mellick Place Bermondsey, died 24 June 1863 in 16 Mellick Place Bermondsey, cause of death Disease of heart.

George Pulling, born Abt 1821 in Bartestree, Hereford Herefordhire, christened 16 June 1821 in Lugwardine Herefordshire, died 17 June 1899 in Mill Street, Hereford, cause of death Senile Decay, occupation Labourer & Sawyer(journy).

He married Elizabeth Pritchard, 31 December 1843 in Lugwardine Herefordshire,

After the death of Elizabeth George married Diana Prosser, 31 January 1871 in The Parish Church Of Tupsley,

Elizabeth Pritchard, born before 1821 in St John Baptist Hereford, died 16 June 1869 in Barrs Court Terrace, Hereford, cause of death consumption, occupation Mantua Maker.

William Hall, born 20 August 1833 in St. Lukes Mddx, christened 20 October 1833 in St Luke Old St. Finsbury, occupation Waterman,

He married Mary Elizabeth Jury, 16 May 1858 in St. Botolph, Bishopsgate.

Mary Elizabeth Jury, born 1833 in Gunpowder Alley St. George In The East, christened 15 December 1833 in St. Olave Hart St. London, died 31 December 1893 in St. Olave's Union Infirmary, cause of death Pneumonia Pleurisy.

John Ruffett, born 1823 in Plaistow, Essex, died 15 July 1907 in 11 Boss St. St Olaves Bermondsey, cause of death Chronic Bronchitis, occupation Navvy or Masons Lab.

Marriage Cert of Ada shows father's names as John Thomas Ruffeitt

Birth Cert of Ada shows spelling Ruffett-this spelling also on 1871 census

He married Eliza Granger. But no ceremony identified

Eliza Granger, born 1836 in Stratford Essex, died 5 June 1894 in St. Olaves Union Infirmary, cause of death Apoplexy.

3rd Great Grand Parents

John Cooper, born about 1798 in Duffield Derbyshire, christened 8 April 1798 in St Alkmund Duffield, died 7 April 1876 in 27 Parker Street Derby, cause of death Natural Decay, occupation Framework Knitter/Stokinger.

He married Sarah Wolston, 19 March 1817 in St Alkmund, Derby,

After the death of his first wife, John married Sarah Riley, 23 February 1841 in Register Office Derby,

Sarah Ann  Wolston, born 1799,Christened 13 November 1798 Quarndon, Derbyshire:  died 13 Jan 1840 in Derby, cause of death Morbid Abscesses. Buried in Quarndon.

John Griffin, occupation Bricklayer. He married Ann Griffin.

Ann Griffin, born 1785 in Derby, died 14 December 1864 in 9 Durant St Bethnal Green, cause of death Decay of Nature.

On 1861census living with daughter and her husband and children at Little Willow Street Shoreditch

John Flack, occupation Farmer. He married Sarah. Presumably in Essex, but ceremony not identified


George Barker, born in Henham, Essex, occupation Labourer. He married Elizabeth.


Robert Watmore, christened 25 December e1760 in St Giles Reading Berks. He married Elizabeth Hillier, 17 January 1785 in St. Mary's Reading, Berks.

Elizabeth Hillier.

Robert Willis, born 1782 in Hughenden, Bucks, christened 13 June 1783 in Hughenden, Bucks, died 19 March 1856 in Town Field, High Wycombe, cause of death Cancer- 5 years, occupation Horse Keeper-Ostler.

He married Mary North, 25 July 1807 in Hughenden, Bucks.

Mary North, born 1786 in Wycombe Bucks, christened 10 January 1788.

Henry Feston, born 1799, died 21 January 1858 in Union Workhouse, St. Olaves, cause of death Pulmonary consumption, occupation Greengrocer/coal merchant, occupation Steward/Waiter.

In Pigotts 1837 directory at 5 Fair Street as a Coal Dealer

Mary Ann Feston's marriage cert shows her fathers occupation as Greengrocer

He married Elizabeth Dawson, 2 March 1830 in St.Clement Danes, London

Elizabeth Dawson, born 1806, died 16 November 1848 in 42 Holland St. Southwark, cause of death Malignant ovarian disease with dropsy, several months.

William Henry Flint, born 15 November 1796 in Bermondsey, Surrey (Now London), christened 24 September 1797 in St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey, died 17 March 1877 in St. Olave, Bermondsey Workhouse, cause of death Old Age, occupation Leather Dr/Parchment mkr.

He married Elizabeth Hunt, 28 March 1819 in Christchurch Newgate St London.

Elizabeth Hunt, born 1798 in Hammersmith, died before 1881.

Not traced on 1881 census

William Pullen, born 1800 in Madley Herefordshire, died 14 December 1878 in Scutmill Lane Tupsley Hereford, cause of death Cause of Death: Disease of Kidneys, occupation Sawyer.

He married Phoebe Taysom, 21 July 1820 in Lugwardine Herefordshire,

After the death of Phoebe, William appears to have married Maria, born 1821 in Dublin Ireland, but we have been unable to identify a ceremony.

Phoebe Taysom, born 1800, died 27 April 1862 in Scutt Mill Rd. Tupsley, Herefordshire, cause of death Tumour on the inside.

Pheobe Pulling nee Taysom is shown on 1851 census staying with the Preece family as a visitor.the address 2 Great Barr Staffordshire. No connection with this family can be found. Also shown is Lauretta Morse who may have accompanied Phoebe on this visit. Lauretta Morse was also living with William and Phoebe in 1841 at Hemhill.

John Pritchard, occupation Wheelwright.

Thomas Hall, born 16 July1780 in Finsbury, died 31 October 1838 in 10 City Road St. Lukes Middx, cause of death Inflammation of the chest, buried 7 November 1838 in Bunhill Fields, occupation Naturalist/Taxidermist. He married (1) Elizabeth, maiden name unknown

After Elizabeth left him, Thomas had several children by his housekeeper Ann Simons,

Ann Simons, born 1790 in London.

mentioned in the will of Thomas Hall as his housekeeper and mother of his children. As Thomas was already married but his wife had left him, he was not free to marry Ann.

Charles Jury, born 12 June 1782 in Redmead Lane St. George In The East, christened 7 July 1782 in St. George In The East, died 1846 in 4 Fan Court Miles Lane London, buried 7 May 1846 in St Michael Crooked Lane London, occupation Waterman.

Apprenticed to Robert Jury 1796/1803 Name shown as "Charles John" on Baptism Record of children

He married Mary Ann Charlton, 9 June 1832 in St Saviour Southwark.

Mary Ann Charlton, born 1805 in Rochester Kent, christened 20 January 1805 in St. Mary's Chatham Kent, died 20 December 1874 in 13 Brewers Court St John Horseleydown , Bermondsey cause of death Erysiphelas.

Death Cert states "Widow of Frederick Charles Jury" this is incorrrect - informant J. Jury of 12 Austin Friars, City of London- this may be her Daughter Jane

4th Great Grand Parents

Samuel Cooper, occupation Framework Knitter. He married Grace Evans, 17 May 1796 in St Alkmund, Derby.

Grace Evans.

Richard Watmore, christened 26 January 1721 in Reading Berkshire. He married Sarah Kenton, 4 April 1752 in St Laurence, Reading, Berks.

Sarah Kenton.

William Willis, christened 16 July1739 in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire.

He married Ann Ingram, 22 March 1761 in Hughenden, Bucks, buried 30 May 1763 in Hughenden, Bucks.

After the death of Ann, William married Mary Biggs, 15 October 1769 in Hughenden, Bucks,

Mary Biggs, christened 5 February 1743 in Hughenden, Bucks.

Baptised as Mary Bigg, however marriage shows surname as Biggs

William North. He married Ann.

William Flint. He married Elizabeth _____.

Thomas Hall.

Robert Hartop Jury, born 1759 in Maker Cornwall, christened 30 June 1759 in Maker Cornwall, died 1824 in St. John Of Wapping, occupation Waterman.

He married Anne _____.

Anne _____, died 1834 in Stepney.

Inherited all husbands possession in Will of Robert Jury

Pigotts Directory of 1828 shows Widow Jury & Son, Lighterman at 25 Great Hermitage Street

Her will proved in 1834

Ellis Charlton. He married Ann Whyman, 2 April 1804 in St Margarets Rochester Kent.

Ann Whyman.

5th Great Grand Parents

1Robert Wattmore, born in Swallowfield Berks.

There were two Robert Watmore's born in Swallowfield one in 1699 and a second who was born in 1704 and died in 1705.

He married Sarah James, 6 November 1720 in St. Laurence, Reading,.

Sarah James.

1Henry Willis. He married Mary Ryday, 4 April1738 in High Wycombe Buckinghamshire.

Mary Ryday.

Richard Bigg, buried 12 June 1790 in Hughenden, Bucks. He married Mary Howlett, 3 September 1738 in Hughenden, Bucks.

Mary Howlett, buried 7 September 1783 in Hughenden, Bucks.

Francis Jury.

Place of Birth and death unknown.

He married Mary Hartop, 30 June1758 in Maker Cornwall.

Mary Hartop, christened 26 November 1738 in Maker Cornwall.

6th Great Grand Parents

Edward Wattmore. He married Ann Whittier, 22 August 1699 in Berkshire.

Ann Whittier.

Robert Hartop. He married Sarah Olver, 19 September 1736 in Maker Cornwall.

Sarah Olver.

7th Great Grand Parents

Mary Watmore, occupation Widow of Shinfield.