McKie Ancestors


Ernest McKie, born 9 Aug 1900 in 121a Pennington Street. Stepney, died Nov 1992 in Sydenham, buried 1992 in Hither Green Cemetery, occupation for most his life a Local Government Officer. Served in the Royal Navy in both World War One and World War Two.

Address at time of marriage: 8,Watt St. Wapping-

Occupation at time of marriage Able Seaman at HMS Pembroke-the Chatham Depot

Married Lily Mary Worsfold, 9 Oct 1918 in St. Patricks Catholic Church Wapping.

Lily Mary Worsfold, born 4 Jun 1900 in 13 Cornwall St Stepney, christened 27 Mar 1909 in St Mary & St Michaels, London, died 11 Nov 1960 in Lewisham, London, buried 1960 in Hither Green Cemetery, occupation at the time of marriage: Tea Packer.

Grand Parents

Peter McKie, born Abt 1853 in Scotland, died 5 Jun 1906 in St George In The East Infirmary, cause of death Pneumonia, Cardiac Failure, occupation in later life was as a self employed Chairmaker. Prior to this he had served for a period in the British Army and on discharge worked mainly as a dock labourer

He married Josepha Maria Rosaria Paula Mamo, 16 Dec 1878 in St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey.

Josepha Maria Rosaria Paula Mamo, was known as Jessie for most of her married life and was born 4 Oct 1862 in Cospicua Malta, christened 5 Oct 1862 in Cospicua Malta, died 5 Oct 1940 in Northern Hospital, Southgate, cause of death Bronchopneumonia,senile myocardial degeneration cerebral thrombosis.

Following the death of Peter McKie she married (George Pokham, 10 Aug 1908 in St John The Evangelist Wapping,

William Worsfold, born 11 Dec 1856 in 8 Well Yard, Aldgate, died 12 Nov 1916 in St George In The East Infirmary, cause of death Cirrhosis of liver, occupation Mat Weaver.

He married Elizabeth Eder, 15 Aug 1885 in St Thomas Church Stepney.

Elizabeth Eder, born 12 Jul 1865 in City Of London Lying In Hospital, christened 26 Jul 1865 in City Of London Lying In Hospital, died 26 Jul 1956 in Mile End Hospital, cause of death Toxaemia,gangrene of the legs failure of peripheral circulation.

Great Grand Parents

James McKie.- we have been unable to positively identify the parents of Peter McKie, except that he stated that his father's name was James. There is a strong probability that this James is the head of a family living Balmaclellan, Kirkudbrightshire, Scotland .

Joseph Fidele Francis Salvatori Federico Publico Mamo, born 13 Jan 1835 in Floriana Valletta Malta, christened 14 Jan 1835 in St Paul Shipwrecked Valletta Malta, died 4 Jul 1862 in Cospicua Malta.

He married Liberata Marie Scerri, 11 Jul 1858 in Cospicua Malta.

Liberata Marie Scerri, born Abt 1844 in Malta, died 31 Jul 1897 in 5 Bostock St. St George In The East, cause of death Pulmonary Tuberculosis.

Some time after the death of Joseph Mamo she married Thomas James Anson, 21 Sep 1868 in Malta, who was serving in the British Army in Malta at the time. She went with her husband when he left Malta, but appears to have left her two young daughters with relatives in Malta.

Henry Worsfold, born Abt 1832 in Bermondsey, Surrey (Now London), died 13 Mar 1891 in Raine St. Infirmary Stepney, cause of death Mitral desease-bronchitis, Henry had various occupations Dock Labourer, Labourer at Rope Walk, Carman, Tent Fitter, and finally Mat Weaver.

He married Margaret Keefe, 3 Feb 1856 in Catholic Chapel, Johnson St. Stepney.

Margaret Keefe, born Abt 1836 in Cork Ireland, died 28 Jun 1879 in 113 Pennington Street. St George in the East, cause of death Phtithisis.

Joseph Alphons Eder, born 11 Feb 1837 in Laibach, Austria-Now Ljubliana, Slovenia, christened 12 Feb 1837 in St. Jacob, Laibach, died 2 Jun 1914 in St George's Infirmary, Stepney, cause of death Bronchitis accelerated by fall off a stool in his yard. His occupation was as a Street Musician, playing in a German Band. However on thye 1861 census is shown as a Bandsman on board HMS Ganges presumably in the Royal Marines

He married Elizabeth Dietz, 16 Mar 1862 in St. Philips Anglican Church, Stepney.

Elizabeth Dietz, born 5 May 1844 in 19 Gloster St. Mile End Old Town, christened 19 May 1844 in St. Mary's Whitechapel, died 16 Aug 1881 in German Hospital Hackney, cause of death Phthisis pulmonum. Elizabeth spent some time in Germany as a child.

Great Great Grand Parents

Ignatius Mamo, died before 1858 in Malta. He married Rosa Saliba, 9 Jan 1820 in St Paul Shipwrecked Valletta Malta.

Rosa Saliba, died before 1858 in Malta.

Salvatori Scerri.

There is a Salvatore Xerri on the 1860 Voters List living at . Strada Calcara 38, Vittoriosa

He married Angela Muscat, 2 Feb 1840 in Cospicua Malta.

Angela Muscat. We have no details of the birthplace or death of Angela in Malta

William Worsfold, born 23 Aug 1798 in St John Horseleydown Bermondsey, christened 23 Sep 1798 in St John Horseleydown Bermondsey, died 18 Dec 1870 in 5 Hatcham Terrace, New Hatcham, cause of death Bronchitis, occupation Labourer at Colour Works/Warehouseman, occupation 1861 Porter.

He married Rebecca Baldy, 25 Apr 1823 in St Olave Southwark.

Rebecca Baldy, born 22 Feb 1797 in Falmer Sussex, christened 19 Mar 1797 in Falmer Sussex, died 2 May 1865 in 6 Russell Place, Southwark, cause of death Natural Decay.

Charles Keefe, born 1811, presumably in Ireland, died before 1871, occupation Weaver. He married Catherine Keefe.

Catherine Keefe, born 1816 in Cork Ireland, died 5 Nov 1888 in 113 Pennington Street. St George in the East, cause of death Senile Decay, Bronchitis.

Franz Anton Eder, born 1810 in Austria, occupation Master Tailor in Laibach, Slovenia

He married Maria Bader,

Subsequently he appears to have married Rosina, born 1827 in Oudenborg Hungary, however we have been unable to identify an actual ceremony.

Maria Bader, born 1810 in Austria, died 12 Oct 1849 in 109 Rosengasse Ljubljana, Slovenia, cause of death Cholera, buried 14 Oct 1849 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Balthasar Dietz, born 7 Aug 1812 in Nordeck Germany, christened 9 Aug 1812 in Evangelisch Church Winnen Allenddorf Germany , died 24 Aug 1854 in Cologne, Germany, occupation Sugar Baker/Beer House Keeper.

He married Cressire Eleanor Hipwell, 17 Apr 1843 in Parish Church, Hackney, Middx, Following the death of Cressire, Balthasar married Sarah Mallett (Formerly Hipwell), 6 Jul 1851 in All Saints, Mile End Old Town,

Cressire Eleanor Hipwell, born 1824 in London, died 17 Dec 1846 in 10 York St Mile End Old Town, cause of death Ptithisis.

3rd Great Grand Parents

Giuseppe Mamo. He married Margherita Spiteri, 28 Sep 1788 in Quormi Malta.

Margherita Spiteri. Was probably born in Quormi, but we have no confirmation of that.

Nicolas Saliba. He married Rosario Bezzina.

Rosario Bezzina.

Francesco Xerri. He married Caterina Azzopardi, 17 Nov 1801 in Cospicua Malta.

Caterina Azzopardi.

Giovanni Muscat. He married Caterina Paris, 2 Feb 1840 in Cospicua Malta.

Caterina Paris. Was probably born in Cospicua, but we have no confirmation of that

Richard Worsfold, occupation 1798 Grocer.

He married Mary Callaway, 4 Oct 1796 in St John Horseleydown Bermondsey, (Marriage entry states "Richard Worsfold of this parish married Mary Callaway Widow of this parish by banns 4 October 1796

Mary Callaway. Mary's maiden name and place of birth is unknown

Thomas Baldy, born 1769 in Falmer Sussex, christened 28 May 1769 in Falmer Sussex, died 1826 in Falmer Sussex, buried 5 Jun 1826 in Falmer Sussex. He married Philadelphia Beard, 11 Nov 1793 in St. Thomas, Lewes, (The parish register states " Thomas Baldy of this parish and Philadelphia Beard of the parish of Falmer" this may be incorrect, it was more common for marriages to take place in the parish of the bride.)

Philadelphia Beard, born 1773 in Falmer Sussex, christened 23 May 1773 in St. Laurences Church, Falmer, died Jul 1834 in Falmer Sussex, buried 10 Jul 1834 in St. Laurences Church, Falmer.

Parish Register for christenings of the children sometimes shows name as Phillis

Johannes Dietz, born 7 Mar 1787 in Nordeck Germany, died 19 Mar 1873 in Nordeck Germany, occupation Farmer, or more likely his occupation was Ackermann (field worker), (This description appears in the book Famielenbuch Nordeck-Winnen by Jan Christof Hoffman). He married Elizabeth Ruhl, 1807.

Elizabeth Ruhl, born 4 Aug 1787 in Nordeck Germany, died 16 Jan 1856 in Nordeck Germany.

John Hipwell, occupation Cordwainer.other details unknown

4th Great Grand Parents

Giovanni Mamo. He married Maria Azzopardi, 3 Aug 1755 in Quormi Malta.

Maria Azzopardi.

Paola Spiteri. He married Maria Caruana. The place and date of trhe marriage is unknown.

Maria Caruana.

Giuseppe Xerri. He married Angela Mugliett, 2 Oct 1768 in Vittoriosa Malta.

Angela Mugliett.

William Baldy, born 1741 in Falmer Sussex, christened 21 Feb 1742 in St. Laurences Church, Falmer, died 1779(?). William was probably a Agricultural Labourer

He married Rebecca Penfold, 24 Mar 1761 in Falmer Sussex.

Rebecca Penfold, born 1732 in Westmeston, christened 5 Mar 1732 in Westmeston Sussex, died 1784 in Falmer Sussex, buried 30 Jul 1784 in St. Laurences Church, Falmer.

Described as a pauper on the burial register

Richard Beard, buried 17 Mar 1792 in Falmer Sussex.

Unable to identify birth in Falmer Registers

He married Ann Lulham, 2 Jun 1757 in Patcham Sussex.

Ann Lulham, buried 3 Dec 1777 in Falmer Sussex .Parish Register of marriage states Richard Beards of Falmer and Ann Lulham of this parish.

Have not been able to identify the birthplace of Anne.

Mathias Dietz, born 21 Aug 1743 in Nordeck Germany, died 24 Mar 1821 in Nordeck Germany. He married Anna Gertraud Weber, married 19 Jul 1768 in Nordeck Germany.

Anna Gertraud Weber, born 12 Jun 1747 in Nordeck Germany, died 13 Oct 1803 in Nordeck Germany.

Johan Adam Ruhl, born 28 May 1754 in Nordeck Germany, died 4 May 1801 in Nordeck Germany. He married Eva Elizabeth Vogel.

Eva Elizabeth Vogel, born 20 Jun 1760 in Nordeck Germany, died 18 Jan 1795 in Nordeck Germany.

5th Great Grand Parents

Cesare Mamo. He married Grazia Zahra, 24 Jan 1712 in St. Phillips Zebbug Malta.

Grazia Zahra.

Pietro Azzopardi. He married Giovanna Barone.

Giovanna Barone.

Gregorio Xerri. He married Margharita Mifsud, 6 Sep 1737 in Rabat (Matrice) Gozo.

Margharita Mifsud. Place of birth probably Rabat on the island of Gozo

Felice Mugliett. He married Antonia Sammut.

Antonia Sammut.

William Baldy, born 7 Jul 1707 in Falmer Sussex, christened 4 Aug 1707 in St Laurences Church Falmer Sussex, died 1757 , buried 5th Jul 1757 in St Laurences Church Falmer Sussex. He married Ann Nokes, 26 Apr 1733 in St Laurences Church Falmer Sussex.

Ann Nokes, died 1749 in Falmer Sussex, buried 12 Feb 1749 in St. Laurences Church, Falmer.her place of birth is unknown.

William Penfold, died 1758, buried 22 Dec 1758 in Westmeston. He married Susan (Or Sussanah) Farncombe,19 Oct 1717 in St. Annes, Lewes, Sussex. His place of birth unknown.

Susan (Or Sussanah) Farncombe, died 1774 in Westmeston, buried 22 May 1774 in Westmeston Sussex.

On Burial register described as "an ancient widow*

Johannes Dietz, born 1 May 1712 in Nordeck Germany, died 8 Sep 1762 in Nordeck Germany. He married Elisabeth Kornmann, 10 Oct 1738 in Nordeck Germany.

Elisabeth Kornmann, born 13 Aug 1718 in Nordeck Germany, died 19 Feb 1783 in Nordeck Germany.

Johannes Weber, born 1710 in Nordeck Germany, died 17 Nov 1762 in Nordeck Germany. He married Anna Christine Schleich.

Anna Christine Schleich, born 2 Dec 1718 in Nordeck Germany, died 11 Sep 1783 in Nordeck Germany.

Johan Adam Ruhl, born 1722. He married Elisabeth Henkel.

Elisabeth Henkel, born 7 Aug 1728 in Nordeck Germany, died 25 Jan 1795 in Nordeck Germany.

Johan Adam Vogel, born 21 May 1729 in Nordeck Germany, died 30 Jul 1805 in Nordeck Germany. He married Elisabeth Nau.

Elisabeth Nau, born Abt 1730 in Maulbach Germany.

6th Great Grand Parents

Tomaso Mammo. He married Grazia Zammit, married 9 Feb 1676 in St. Phillips Zebbug Malta.

Grazia Zammit. Grazia was probably from Zebbug

Domenico Zahra. He married Anna-Maria. Maiden name unclear.


Giuseppe Xerri. He married Dominica Madiona, 11 Aug 1718 in Rabat(San Georg) Gozo.

Dominica Madiona. We have no more details about Dominica, but she was probably from Rabat.

Gio-Maria Mifsud. He married Maria Gauci.

Maria Gauci.

William Baldie, christened 18 Jun 1676 in St Laurences Church Falmer Sussex, died 1729 in Falmer Sussex.

The Parish Registers of Falmer show Wm the son of Walter Baldie & Eliz baptised 18 June 1676

He married Anne Wood, 18 May 1699 in St Laurences Church Falmer Sussex.

Anne Wood, died 1744 in Falmer Sussex.we have been unable to identify her birthplace.

Philipp Dietz, born in Odenhausen an der Lumda. Germany. married Christine Melchior.

Christine Melchior.

Johann Heinrich Kornmann, born 1 Jan 1690 in Winnen Hessen Germany, died 19 Jul 1760 in Nordeck Germany.

He married Maria Elisabeth Zart, married 28 Feb 1716.This couple has eight children listed in the Familientbuch

Maria Elisabeth Zart, born 15 May 1692 in Londorf, died 5 Jan 1748 in Nordeck Germany.

Jakob Ruhl, born 1700 in Germany but place unknown.

7th Great Grand Parents

Paoluccio Mamo. He married Grazia Mamo, 2 May 1642 in Siggiewi Malta.

Grazia Mamo, born in Siggiewi Malta.

Paolo Zammit. He married Caterina Malta

Caterina Magro.

Carlo Xerri. He married Rosa Seichel, 4 Aug 1697 in Rabat (San Georg) Gozo.

Rosa Seichel.

Walter Baldie, died 1680 in Falmer Sussex, buried 12 Oct 1680 in St Laurences Church Falmer Sussex.

Unable to identify a marriage .

there is record of the marriage of a Walter Bauldie to Elizabeth Weaver in St. Nicholas Church Brighton on 6 Sep 1624, however this is unlikely to have been this Walter as the birth of William would have been very late in the marriage

He married Elizabeth.maiden name unknown.


We have been unable to identify the birth or details of


Johan Balthasar Ruhl, born Germany

8th Great Grand Parents

Luca Mamo. He married Caterina.


Benedetto Mamo. He married Enziana Schembri.

Enziana Schembri.

Domenico Xerri. He married Marietta Bigeni, 15 Oct 1662 in Rabat (Matrice) Gozo.

Marietta Bigeni.

Vincenzo Seichel. He married Caterina Abela.

Caterina Abela.

Johan Jakob Ruhl, born 1655. in Germany

9th Great Grand Parents

Matteola Xerri. He married Grazia.


Johann Ruhl, born 1630.